The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop

How It Works: The Basics

painting, paints, photography, tattoos, drawing, illustrations, sculpture, clay

It's simple. No matter what medium of art you work in, we have a subsidiary company that is waiting to welcome you! If we don't, and we have at least one other artist in your medium looking to sign on as a consigned artist, we'll hold a meeting on our end & do what we can to build an Imprint House that fits you! 

Just contact us through our Contact Us section below, write a short blurb about you and about your work telling us what your art medium of choice is, how you got into it, what drives you & inspires your work along with a few of your hobbies and plans you may have for yourself in the medium; no fancy cover letters or professional resumes required; then just upload a panel of your work as well, 6 images minimum to 12 images (up to max of 20). 

Nothing explicit, anti-religious, political or offensive will be considered. Our site is a family site, intended for 4-years-old to click through the pages if they so desired. Please have your name and number on all documents. The Publisher or one of our few volunteer staff members will reply to you within 24-48 hours (although we try for less than 24 & up to only 36). 

Once accepted into the shop, we put you into an Imprint House based on your art medium & you will be asked to upload all of your work directly to the publisher via a specific private e-mail that is used directly for consigned artists.

The rest of your inquiries can be answered by checking out the (still-being-constructed) Q & A page under the About PCC drop down menu at the top of the page. For the time being, please call/ text or e-mail the Publisher or staff with your inquiries. Thanks!

In fact, you can contact us below for inquires and/or to apply for The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop. We look forward to hearing from you & (hopefully) you'll send us your work, which we can't wait to see!

Inquiries & Application

Want a Better Cut? No Problem!


As you may now, all artists start out at a 50% profit share on their work. In our 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop, we offer The 50/50 to 25/75 Artist Consignment Ladder Challenge! Generally, the 50/50 Challenge works in levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4. It gives any artist, that is up for the challenge, the chance to earn themselves a better percentage cut on their work. An artist that can reach a Level 4 status & remain there, can earn themselves a 75 % cut, leaving the Consignor {us} with a 25 % cut. Up for the challenge? See the details of how it works in a few different ways.

1. By subscribing to the monthly newsletter! By subscribing to the monthly newsletter, you really stay in the know with the site & the blog. With the newsletter - former & repeat clients, current & potential clients, passers by, blog followers, writers/potential authors & up-and-coming consigned artists - can all find information that relates to them. From sales, holiday discounts & specials on packages for clients to writing & art contests for our writers & artists; as well as information on our rising authors and consigned artists that are joining the website & information on how and where to purchase their work, the monthly newsletter is worth subscribing too. 

We aren't one of those monthly newsletters full of junk that just clogs up your e-mail! We're actually worth our space in your inbox! So, what are you waiting for - sign up for the newsletter now & stay tuned in with our company and connected blog page - as well as COMING SOON You Tube channel! 

2. You can also read more details about how the Consignment Percentage Program works by e-mailing us and/or (when you e-mail us) requesting a CHAT ROOM appointment on our website here! Yes, you read correctly! We've recently added a CHAT ROOM! Just e-mail us with 3 dates/times & we will do our best to accommodate you. Once it's set, just meet us in the chat room under the About PCC menu above!

3. By checking out our (upcoming) Q & A page under the About PCC drop down menu @ the top of this page. Sorry, it's not quite ready just yet. We will update this here when it is! 

For More Details

What Type of Artist are You?


No matter what your medium of art, here at Puffy Cloud Creations, we have a home for you. Check out our various pages within our Consignment Shop and make yourself at home.

Don't see a page that fits the work you do? Be sure to contact the Publisher, Carolyn. A subsidiary as well as multiple pages can be created just for you and your medium, as long as we have a couple of other artists in your medium looking to join on as consigned artists! 'Why would we be willing to construct an Art Imprint House for a few artists?', you may ask yourself. Simple - we are all about building a large enough base to cover all spectrums of the art field. What better way to make your footing in the world as an artist than to have your artwork permanently displayed online on an internet site that people frequent where your legions of fans can purchase your work directly from us? Don't have legions of fans? You will, and here is a perfect place to begin that journey! 

Once you apply and assuming you are accepted into the program, we send you complimentary business cards on the house for you to give to your customers; business cards with a logo/design of your choice, your business information, with our logo & website/business information added to direct your customers straight to our site & your page(s) - directly here to purchase your artwork from you! 

Taking a leap of faith here, and assuming your an artist, pick your medium, find your Imprint House & apply. What are you waiting for? Let's get started! 

Let's Get Started!


Personal Business Cards: 500


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Standard, 3.5 x 2, matte, coated, smooth feel and easily readible with a gloss finish; these beautiful and professional business cards are sure to catch your client's eye. Choose between various colors, floral, office style, art decor or other design of your choice. Cards will state your name, your business, your website, your phone number and address and our website as well to further promote you artwork for sale. The business cards you give out to your clients direct them to our site, directly to your page so they can buy directly from you! What's better - 


Our Private Newsletter for Artists! Get More Info Here!

Although we have a Monthly Company Newsletter that goes out to all clients & whoever applies to it, we also offer a private newsletter to all artists that are accepted into The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop. Send us your e-mail if you're interested in the program and we will send you more information. PLEASE NOTE: More information will also be available in the Q & A section under the About PCC drop down menu in the near future. The site is still under construction in certain areas.

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