PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS is one of the two upcoming Freelance Imprint Houses for Puffy Cloud Creations, LLC. However, it's not associated with The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop. Here, the artwork produced is produced by request, on-demand by the small freelance team here at PCC. If requested, the owner of the company can & will design and complete your artwork for you. The only pieces that are "pre-set" are ones which will be posted once the Imprint House opens and, even then, they can be altered & changed at request. Work from this house may take a bit more time than in The 50/50 Shop.

For pre-set pieces, and to shop with and support up-and-coming consigned artists by category, see our 'More' menu above & visit The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop! There you will find many talented artists just waiting to sell you beautiful pieces!

SET TO OPEN: May 1st, 2019


Set to open, May 1st, 2019; PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS is sure to be a hit with repeat clients that have used the services of Invisible Ink Creations & Feather Pen Freelance in the past. You may be asking yourself here -  What will PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS sell? 

Once PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS  opens to the public, the Imprint House will be selling an array of different arts & crafts type of items. In fact, I would liken PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS most similarly to the Imprint House within The 50/50 (Artist Consignment) Shop, HEARTS IN HAND. What separates the two? Puffy Cloud Crafts sells art just by freelancers or artists working within PCC and not by consigned artists. 

Getting back to it, once opened on May 1st, 2019, PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS will be selling homemade, professional-style jewelry, sculpted figurines, scrapbook albums, unusual picture frames and more! Stay tuned! 



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PUFFY CLOUD PRINTS, ETC. is the second of two upcoming Imprint Houses being added to Puffy Cloud Creations, LLC. Like PUFFY CLOUD CRAFTS, this Imprint House is not associated with The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop. 

Have questions we haven't answered here? Check out our Q & A page under About PCC at the top of the page! You can also contact us below by e-mail, and request an appointment to meet us in the Chat Room. Yes, you heard that right! We have added a NEW CHAT ROOM ON THE WEBSITE! To set-up a chat room appointment, leave us your name, e-mail & 3 selections of date & times that work for you with a very brief summary of your topic. We will e-mail you back within 24-48 hours & do our best to give you the date & time of your choice.



Set to open February 1, 2019, what sets PUFFY CLOUD PRINTS, ETC. apart from the similar Imprint House, LIFE THROUGH OTHER LENSES, is simple. PUFFY CLOUD PRINTS, ETC. sells and promotes prints and photography from photographers/ freelancers within the primary team of PCC and not from consignee artists. You can order any pictures you see or request what you would like to see.



While you're waiting for PUFFY CLOUD PRINTS, ETC. to open it's doors, check out LIFE THROUGH OTHER LENSES in The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop! We recently added a new FL Wildlife & Nature Photographer to our team there, Leila Skie (pronounced, Lay-la Sky). Make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter below & stay up-to-date with all of the goings-on within our website. Follow us on our journey and join along with us at Our monthly newsletter will  remind you about the opening of the new Imprint Houses far before they open as well as give you a leg in on other exciting news about the openings! Other interesting & helpful information to stay in the know with our site and blog will also be available in the newsletter.

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