Our Current Contests: 96 Days 'till Halloween

Calling all Poets, Writers & Authors! Want to take part in the first holiday contest for our 2019 Holiday Short Story/ Long Poetry Event? Halloween is just around the bend!


Submissions are being accepted online starting this coming Thursday, 08/01/19 @ 8 am & will close on 09/19/19 at 12 am - the clock is running, that is a full seven weeks for the open contest! 


After Halloween submissions are accepted, dates will immediately open for Thanksgiving/Christmas contest submissions. These dates will be posted as we gear towards the end of this initial contest. For now, though, the focus is Halloween!


There will be two winners this year divided by age group and two runners-up. Each are chosen and notified by 09/22/19 in the evening by e-mail, prior to the October/Halloween monthly publication.


The top two stories will be chosen & showcased on the front cover of the online monthly newsletter for October. The two runners-up will have their stories mentioned on the inner cover of the newsletter. All four stories will be available for show during the month of October on our website in a special section. In addition, the two winners will receive a special prize and the two runners-up will receive a mailed recognition of their accomplishments.


Theme, as stated, is holiday; as always across our site and blog and social media links - no themes, images, etc of an explicit nature will be considered or accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any work at our own discretion without reason. Thank you, and good luck!


Please note, submissions should be e-mailed to PuffyCloudCreations@gmail.com to the attention of 'First Holiday Contest, Attn Carolyn'. Want to chat with us first, or after you send in your e-mail? That's fine! Just let us know first so we can meet you in the chat room. Typically, this is most often done by (you guessed it), e-mail, but you can also call or text us to make the chat room appt.

Are you an Artist? Would you like to participate in our 2019 Get Artsy Holiday Event?


Just as the chance to compete in the 2019 Holiday Short Story/ Long Poem Event will recently open, so will the 2019 Get Artsy Holiday Event. Matching the same dates as the writing contest, submissions for this event also follow step with the writing contest with one difference - we are asking for art submissions.


The winner and first runner-up will enjoy the same prizes as the winner and first runner-up of the 2019 Holiday Short Story Contest. All artwork can be any of the following crafts: painting, photography, arts & crafts, carving, sculpture (please e-mail for pre-approval). 


The initial theme is halloween. The following two holidays of Thankgiving and Christmas will soon follow with different submission deadlines - as with the writing contest. 


No themes, images, etc of an explicit or offensive nature will be considered or accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any piece at our own discretion without reason. Thank you.


Submissions should be e-mailed to PuffyCloudCreations@gmail.com, marked First Holiday Contest, Attn Carolyn. Please note: no artwork needs to be mailed but multiple pictures/stages of the artwork should be taken as well as the process of creating the piece and, if possible, what inspires you for the piece. 


Want to chat before you e-mail? Simple. Let us know that you want to set-up a chat room appointment with three our your best days/times (mornings are often best for us), and we send you back the best time/date that we can fit with your choices. We do our best to give your top choices. Once the chat room appt is set, we just meet there! (E-mail for the contest, however, is still required)

Are you a Client looking for a Freelance Wordsmith, Artist or Perhaps a Book Publisher? Are you an Artist interested in Consignment opportunity?



Great! If you're a client looking for a freelance wordsmith, artist, or publisher, just contact us by phone or e-mail at www.FeatherPenFreelance.com & let us know a good day & time. We will do our best to accommodate you when we reply. Then, we just meet in the chat room to discuss the subject at hand. It's that simple!


If you're an artist interested in a consignment opportunity- glad to hear it! We are honored. Contact us at PuffyCloudCreations@gmail.com with a blurb about yourself and 6-12 images of your artwork. Please write, 'Consignment Admissions' in the subject line. Let us know when it's a good day/time for you to meet in the chat room, so we can go over particulars further. We will do our best to accommodate your requests of day/time for the chat room.


Don't feel like waiting for an e-mail reply about a meeting time for the chat room? Although we typically reply with a fast turn-around, we get it! In today's day and age, not everyone wants to wait. Just drop us a line at our business number (516) 519-7314. You can also contact the publisher, Carolyn, on Twitter. 


Just be sure not to show up to the Chat Room alone - you want to be sure to set the appointment first. Generally, a client gives us three of their best days/times and we do our best to accommodate them. It's pretty quick and simple overall. 


Let's get started! 


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