Easels in the Attic

Do you Know Someone Who Paints & Refuses to Make a Living of It? Did you Have a Loved One who Loved to Paint & Never Sold Them and Has Since Passed Away?... What If I Told You That You Could Create a Lasting Legacy for Them?


If you know someone who paints & is reluctant to get their work out there, introduce them to our site! They can have their work posted here permanentely & enjoy a 50% profit on their work. They can also take advantage of our business cards - we include their contact/business information as well as our site information/subsidiary information so customers can come straight to their pages & purchase through PayPal. 

However, if instead you have a loved one that has passed & was a painter - this is your chance to get their work out in the world. You can create a legacy for them! You can sell those paintings, under consignment in our 50/50 Online Artist Consignment Shop where you start off with 50 percent of the profit. Once you sign on as a consignee, and subscribe to our newsletter, you can take part in The 50/50 to 25/75 Consignment Ladder Challenge. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more information! Keep in mind, as previously stated above, we also offer business cards for sale that offer all of your information with our website and the Easels in the Attic name. This allows your customers to come directly to our site, to your pages & purchase through PayPal. This is a great advantage if you're an artist that frequents craft fairs and/or an artist that has their own site. It's extra exposure for you, building a lasting legacy for your loved one!

Please contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: If the painter in your life, reluctant to get out there & sell their own work, allows you to take the reins for them, we do require both them & you sign the mandatory contract before we can list any work for sale. As with all business conducted on our site, an NDA {where necessary} & a contractual agreement is required before work can begin or be posted. Contracts are discussed as soon as you inquire with us about any of our jobs. Thank you.

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Do you have work you'd like to submit? Great! We are a warm and welcoming community and would love to help you build a legacy for your loved one! Just send us a short blurb about who the painter is/was, and upload the work. The publisher will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Thanks! 



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