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Our Mission Statement, Where we were Founded & Where the Company Name & Logo Design came from


"It is our passionate mission to invite & warmly welcome creative minds from all corners, both nationally & internationally, to one place, to lend inspiration & motivation in doing so & to offer them exposure & recognition for their talents.... To give all writers, authors, & artists {of all mediums] a permanent, supportive online outlet to publish, post, advertise & sell their work year round. Equally as important to our company, the back end of our business focuses on freelance work for our clients, both nationally & internationally, assisting them in bringing their visions to life."


Puffy Cloud Creations, LLC was first "founded" {unofficially} in the summer of 2009 in Amity Harbor, NY. It was later officially founded in 2015 in Tampa Bay, Florida.


The company name came to be while outside our Long Island apartment in the front yard one summer afternoon in 2009, while starring out at the bay and the clouds above, reminiscing about our own younger summers, discussing different book ideas and the future of the company. The pair played around with various names & then dropped focus on it for a few minutes. The sound of children playing a block over, the echo of the ice cream truck and seagulls over the water - it didn't take long for the right name to surface. Puffy Cloud Creations was born - the name captured the embodiment of youth, the spring & summers of the  north, and the carefree days of childhood far before the reaches of adulthood. The vision captured the imaginative, passionate and carefree scattered mind of the creative spirit - the child in all of us. The name captured even more than that, though - hope and faith in the dreams that are born and live in the heart.

Since the company name embodied so much - Carolyn knew the logo had to be done a bit differently than the typical logo. It had to be very different and bold, worthy of the vision that came from the name. She did not intend for it to be done professionally through the use of an inkjet system. Instead, she wanted it done by hand, with the intended look like a child had drawn it - adding further to, not only the name of the company but that same vision of carefree young days. Being an illustrator herself, Carolyn drew the logo with the intended 'colored' drawn look she aimed for, using crayons and markers. Carolyn had it professionally copyrighted in the state of Florida, 2015.


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Our website is fairly new & there are pages still under construction. Being an online business without a physical storefront, our ads will begin to pop up across the internet and in writing, poetry, and various artist magazines. Until that point, be sure to check out our Social Media links as well as our Monthly Newsletter. How do you get hold of the Newsletter? Subscribe below! It's the best way to get a hold of all the latest news and sales/promotions going on with the site.

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