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English Field


Freelance services offered in the English field include Script to Novel conversion, Novel to Script conversion, Ghostwriting (from scratch through rewrites) in all genres excluding explicit material, dissertations, speeches, seminars and the like (all types of writing). This field also includes online English lessons. 



Journalistic approach to writing is different than writing in nonfiction or fiction writing styles. It focuses much more on a who-what-where-when and how style. Writing types offered here are articles, obituaries, eulogies, and similar style writing.

Communications & Linguistics


Communications & Linguistics freelance work includes translations (96 languages) and transcription work, video/audio to text and/or text to audio; as well as blog writing, blog management and social media management. It also includes freelance lessons in online reading and writing lessons.



In our technology end of our company, which is rather limited ( we readily admit we are not focused as a tech company), we offer freelance jobs in Photography Editing/Manipulation, as well as Front & Back End Website Design and Development. We build websites from the ground up on Wordpress, using code. In addition, we also offer the building and start up, and maintanence of your very own You-Tube channel for your business/company/book/art.. 

(Please contact the publisher for more information)

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Our freelance editing department offers all things editing, involved with all things writing. If there is any piece of writing that the writing department is working on, then editing is surely involved! Naturally, all elements/stages of editing are at play here.

* Please be sure to note, if you have something already written, and you just need editing done, we do that too! Just contact the publisher for more information and she will get back to you! 

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Marketing & Publishing


Marketing is available to all clients, despite what job you have stopped by our site for. 

Whether you have already written a book and you're looking for publicity, or you're a freelance customer and interested in either our e-book or print publishing packages - we offer a strong marketing package. 

Both our separate and combined e-book and print publishing packages under our imprint house, Puffy Cloud Creations, offer included marketing packages. Even better? All of our packages are offered at competitive prices! The books are marketed, formatted and published beautifully, leaving you with a product you can be proud of! 

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Head Freelancer: Carolyn's Experience in the Field

Professional Level

Carolyn has over 20+ years of Freelance experience in the field. A handful of those years was spent working within companies in multiple positions as a Marketing Intern, Article & Advertising Proofreader and a Journalist. Most of those years, however, were spent marketing herself through Guerilla Marketing while building herself a Freelance Wordsmith career, working for clients and slowly building her career and company. For the last few years, she has worked through the freelance online platform website, Fiverr while still freelancing for outside former, current and repeat clients through her own website.

Carolyn also has experience tutoring 1st through 10th-grade students in English, Reading and Writing both in Long Island, NY and Florida through word-of-mouth advertising.

Educational Level

Carolyn is formerly certified and worked as a TA in Long Island NY. She has an Associates in Liberal Arts, a BA in English & Comparative Literature and is currently seeking a second Bachelors Degree in Business & Marketing Mgmt. She also has the better part of a Masters Degree in English & TESOL education for grades 6-12. Carolyn holds a Certification in Creative Writing. Carolyn has also taken full advantage of the Udemy website as well as  YouTube for their educational classes they offer in her professional fields.

Personal Level

On top of 20+ years of professional freelance experience, Carolyn has  another ten years of experience on top of that for her own personal experience in the fields of English, Reading and Writing.  Since as early as she could write, which she doesn't count in her experience, she was writing creatively and doing artwork. Carolyn has always been an avid reader, a creative writer and held an incredible love for learning. She credits her love for reading as a large part of her knowledge in the field.

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