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Puffy Cloud Creations: Q & A, About the Company




Q&A: About the Company


What is Puffy Cloud Creations LLC?

Puffy Cloud Creations is a limited liability corporation, legally established in 2015. We are an online-only Freelance Wordsmith & Creative Arts Independent Publishing Company. We specialize in Freelance Work (Writing and Art) and both Old-School and On-Demand Book Publishing. We even throw a bit of tech influence into the mix by offering services in both Blog Page and Website Development & Design.

What sets Puffy Cloud Creations apart from other Freelance and/or Publishing Companies?

There are numerous points that set us, as a company, apart from our friendly competition. Honestly, we have yet to determine if there is a company that matches us exactly in competition because we have yet to find a website/company that does everything we do on a whole (Yes, we've looked & if anyone finds a site, we'd love to know about them!). 

Our website offers a complete range of services. We offer Freelance Wordsmith Services in the following fields: English, Communications (including Blogging), Journalism, Typing, Writing, Creative Writing, English & Writing Education Lessons, Editing and Marketing. We also offer Languages/Translation, Transcription, Photography Editing, both Blog Page and Website Design and Development. Our formatting and publishing services are offered in our publishing imprint house. Our freelance art services (incl. Photography Editing) are offered in our freelance art imprint house. 

We even offer a 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop for artists to submit their work for acceptance to have their work permanently posted & sold from our site at a 50/50 Consignment rate with a change to increase  their shares through a special shop program we offer. 

Our company services the following examples: 

 - A business professional looking for a Freelancer to complete a project. 

 - Someone who needs/wants online Writing or English lessons. 

 - A creative individual that needs/wants a book written from scratch or completed. 

 - A writer looking for editing work.

 - An author looking for marketing.

 - A writer that wants to submit their work for publishing & become an author! 

 - A grandmother looking for the perfect custom jewelry box for her granddaughter

- An ancestry scrapbook made for someone's mother, written in Italian.

- An artist looking to be accepted to permanently post & sell their work online at a 50/50 consignment rate (own page & business cards offered, we place the imprint house)! 

- A new business wants a website built from code, developed and designed with a blog page built & designed as well.

- A college law student needs a transparent photograph for his paper.

... So, to answer the question, 'What sets Puffy Cloud Creations apart?', I would answer that we are a company that has an incredibly wide range of services underneath a large umbrella in a very unique way, which no other strictly-online company has yet to offer (Trust Me, we've checked: If you find them, let us know please! We'd love to meet them.)

Was PCC created to fill that "assumed void"? How can you know for sure our company is unique?

Double question? (laughs) Okay. I honestly hadn't even thought of a "void" before creating the company. The company actually came together a lot like my writing does. It fell in place, piece by piece, very much all on it's own. Each time I was commissioned for an assignment as a Freelancer, I would add that new job to my resume and before I knew it, I had many many jobs that I had perfected - both in writing and art.  Some of the jobs were jobs I knew from creative writing & artwork that I've always done in my private life, things I learned through college, courses, and things I taught myself.

Publishing became part of the company pretty early on because after years of submitting work and being sent letters about how the work was excellent but not what they were looking for (often 10-12 mos later); how it wasn't good enough; or maybe not receiving any correspondance back at all, I started to look into the traditional publishing companies that I had always really admired and after what I learned, which I withhold here, I decided that was not the path I wanted to go down. In fact, upon that decision, I immediately became enthralled by taking on the task of having my own independent publishing company. I wanted control of all of my writing, the illustrations, etc. I wanted my own logo and all of my own work. Then, I realized publishing was something I could offer for other writers as well at a very competitive cost.

So, not to go too off topic, but I never noticed the void until I already had the company up & established here, on my blog & across social media. I think I was just curious one day for whatever reason and went to Google to see where my own site was appearing. I found not one single site that offered Freelance Writing and Art Services on the same site; or Freelance Writing and Book Publishing on the same site; not one other site that offered Freelance Writing and Art Consignment on the same site (especially at a 50/50 share); or English & Writing lessons on the same site as Book Publishing, etc. I especially did not see any publishing sites offering both Old-School publishing services side-by-side with On-Demand (POD) publishing services. 

So, I can say we are the only site out on the web filling that "void". However, if you find a site out there like ours, online-only, or even one which also owns a brick-and-mortar store, I'd love to know about it!

I can say we are unique not just because I think we're the only site out there with the services we offer, but we also aim to be somewhat of a community. That can be tough, since we lack any direct capability for our clients to chat one-on-one or meet face-to-face. However, we do our best to establish a warm, trusting, professional environment with a site that is designed different than most. We are the site where the creative individual can meet all of their needs in one place. We are 'the one-stop shop' where clients know we produce work of only the utmost quality in a timely deadline-driven environment.

How do clients know we produce excellent work? It is proven in our Reviews page! As writers ourselves, we care about the work we produce and we treat each assignment as if it were our own, we send drafts throughout the job, communicate often through multiple avenues & deliver on time, each time. We are serious writers & artists who know when to work and know when it's time to kick back.

So, Puffy Cloud Creations is the "Umbrella" for the Company?

Yes, that's right. The name  and the beginnings of our company are explained under About PCC at the top drop down menu of the site.

How many Imprint Houses are in the Company? Are more Imprint Houses coming?

Puffy Cloud Creations was constructed much like other companies come together but without the "blueprints" or business plans, quite literally. As the company came together on it's own and ventures grew, Imprint Houses were born. That's not to say business plans were not written, but they were never followed or relied on, and that was never on purpose - it's just the way it happened. 

We have our Freelance Wordsmith & Writing Imprint House, Feather Pen Freelance; our Freelance Custom Art Imprint House, Invisible Ink Creations; and our Old-School & POD Independent Book Publishing Imprint House, Puffy Cloud Publishers. There are a total of 5 imprint houses in total, counting two from the 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop.

The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop houses additional imprint houses belonging to the shop but the shop itself is not an imprint house - it is merely The Consignment Division. When artists are accepted & listed, they are listed in the imprint house of their medium within the shop. For now, the company still being rather new, we have just two imprint houses within the shop - Easels in the Attic (in which 1 artist is pending) and Life Thru Other Lenses (in which 1 artist has been posted & 1 artist is pending).

Our first consignment artist to join the shop is our Nature & Wildlife Photographer, Leila Skie, who was placed into our Photography Imprint House, Life Thru Other Lenses

Confused yet? This is where it may get a bit daunting. What Imprint Houses are coming soon? 

Puffy Cloud Crafts was set to open in the Freelance Subsidiaries Menu of The Main Division of the company May 1st of this year. This date was changed. The new opening date of Puffy Cloud Crafts is set for December 1, 2019.

Three imprint houses are also coming soon to The Consignment Division of the site (The 50/50 Artist Consignment Shop) - Clouds of Clay, Creatively Canvased & Hearts in Hand. The original dates for these three imprint houses to open was set for May 1st of this year as well but this date has also been changed. The new opening date for these three imprint houses will be set for sometime between December 1, 2019 and the new year.

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