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Do you have a loved one who is very sick, but had the dream to become an author? Did you have a loved one who passed away and had that same dream? Perhaps that dream is not entirely lost for your loved one.

Such a situation happens more often than one might think. Maybe it's your Grandmother, your Grandfather or a Great Aunt, or even a Cousin or Friend - maybe a Parent or a Sibling. Time passes and you start to think, 'How great it would be if I could publish their work for them and create a lasting legacy in their honor. Not changing a thing but getting their work out there.'

Now, you can. Contact the publisher for more details.

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What's your Next Step?

It's simple. Just contact us, send us the work. We will not change a thing besides the basic commas and spelling. We do our best to keep it as in tact to what the original author intended it to be. Then, we publish in their name. 

There are many more details to follow but please check out either the  Services Offered section for Package information or the upcoming Q & A section on our site for more information, both under the About PCC drop down menu above on the top menu bar. 

You can always contact the Publisher or small staff group directly as well @; or by phone call or text @ #516-519-7314. PLEASE NOTE, AUDIO TO TEXT CAPABILITIES ONLY AT THIS NUMBER.

Thank you for your patronage.

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What Happens Once They are Published?

Once the books are published and we have posted a copy to our site, the sales depend more heavily on you - in accordance with the package that you choose but we do and can, however, offer you quite a bit depending on the package you choose.

In all packages, we promote your book across our website, in our monthly newsletter, in our 50/50 Newsletter (that Consignees receive), and across all of our social media sites. 

If you choose the top tier package, we even take your book with us to craft fairs to sell and sell it elsewhere online {, for example}. In addition, in the top tier package, we also assist quite heavily with Marketing. Please see our Package Details under the About PCC drop down menu tab for more details on what we can offer you in each package.

Thank you for your patronage

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Not having a storefront prevents us from seeing our clients face-to-face but that doesn't mean we don't want you to contact us! There are plenty of ways to reach us. First, through e-mail above,; you can also request a CHAT ROOM appt on our website here! Second, with a comment on our blog page & follow us / join us on our journey there,; reach us by phone call, text (audio text only); on Twitter or our other social media links. Chat soon!

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