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If you are looking for a Freelancer, look no further. With experience on Fiverr.com, and over 20+ years of experience as well as over 30+ 5-star reviews & comments, my work speaks for itself. Thank you for your consideration in allowing us to help you with your professional needs. 

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What We Offer

We offer so many services that I can hardly fit them all here. As the Freelance Wordsmith Imprint House of Puffy Cloud Creations, Feather Pen Freelance offers all different types and styles of freelance writing services in the following fields: English, Communications (including Blogging), Journalism, Typing, Writing, Creative Writing, Editing and Marketing (Marketing will eventually join a new Imprint House later this year). We also complete freelance work in the fields of Language/Translation, Transcription and we get a bit into the tech field by offering freelance work in both Blog Page & Website Design and Development. 

Looking for Formatting & Publishing services? Check out the tab marked More, then click on Publishing  Subsidiaries & click on Puffy Cloud Publishers  to get started!

Need Freelance Custom Artwork done? Click on the Freelance Subsidiaries tab and click on our Freelance Art Imprint House tab, Invisible Ink Creations, to get started! 

As a short example of what we do at Feather Pen Freelance, we offer ghostwriting, full editing, copy editing, book to screenplay adaption, screenplay to book adaption, and the following types of writing: {general} academic writing, acceptance speech, article writing, blog page writing, book proposal writing, business writing, dissertation, {letter to} editor, essay, eulogy writing, grant writing, legal writing, medical writing, political, press release, and script writing among other types like fiction and non-fiction writing. 

We offer other freelance services at your request. Please contact the Publisher, Carolyn, with any inquiries. 

Thanks & Have a Great Day.


(516) 519-7314 



Find me on Twitter, @cm_freelancer or on my other social media links!

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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Communication is key to any job. Along with staying in touch throughout every job, you receive drafts throughout each job so that you, as the client, have multiple opportunities to adjust and correct all work well in advance of our final deadlines. Of course, it is the rare case that you should have a need to correct the drafts because the communication of what you want from us is clear from the very beginning. However, we will always offer a rewrite for any correction you ask of us.

We are professionals & treat your work as if it were our own. We want you to walk away with enthusiasm over the work that we deliver to you. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

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PLEASE NOTE: Prior to the purchase of any jobs purchased under DBA Feather Pen Freelance, a subsidiary of Puffy Cloud Creations, LLC, the Client must agree to sign both an NDA and a Freelancer/Client Contractual Agreement. These are both basic legally binding documents which protect both the freelancer and the client from any type of copyright infringement or fraudulent practice.

In addition to two simple contracts, and before a freelance job can begin, an interested client is asked to contact the publisher to inquire on the package which they are interested in. The pair, both client and freelancer, will come to an agreement on cost and time of job. Communication is key and will be kept open throughout the job, allowing the client to contact the freelancer at any time they feel necessary - either through phone or by e-mail.

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We love our clients, so please feel free to contact us by e-mail at FeatherPenFreelance@gmail.com.... you can request an appointment by e-mail to meet us in the chat room on the website here; or, contact us in the comment section of our blog at www.FeatherPenFreelance.com & follow along / join us on our journey there; contact us by phone or text (our line has audio text) at our new business number #516-519-7314; you can even contact us on Twitter or through our other social media links!

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