The Original Freelancing 'Art' Leg of the Company: How INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS was Born

INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS was originally a part of Feather Pen Freelance. Clients looking to have freelance illustrations done - photography, drawing, tattoo sketches, etc., used to turn to Feather Pen Freelance. The orders became overloaded for the division and the subsidiary was divided into two subsidiaries under our Freelance Subsidiaries section from one into two - Feather Pen Freelance and, INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS.  Photography was since given to a different Imprint House (PUFFY CLOUD PRINTS, ETC), and the newly revamped INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS now encompasses book illustrations, drawing, tattoo art, graphic design and painting.  


Is INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS part of the 50/50 Shop?

A quick answer? No. Just as Feather Pen Freelance is a private freelancing subsidiary, INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS is a private independent freelance art subsidiary. The two subsidiaries do not work with consignees/ outside artists and not because we're snobs (lol). We do this because over the years we've learned that different clients have different preferences in relationship to what they are looking for - we try our best to cater to all preferences. 


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Are you looking for a specific art job you need done? Great! Send us an e-mail to set up a chat room appointment. Just send us your name, e-mail, 3 different dates/times that work best for you & the job you need done. We'll e-mail you back within 24-48 hours. Then, it's simple - we just meet you in the chat room on the agreed-upon date & time! We can talk all about the job you have in mind. If it doesn't fall under the INVISIBLE INK CREATIONS subsidiary -  no problem! There are plenty of Imprint Houses within the company. If we don't have a house to suit your needs, we'll be glad to build one! 

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Invisible Ink Creations

The Sister Subsidiary of Feather Pen Freelance


Open for Business & Eagerly Awaiting to Assist you with all of your Professional and Personal Art Needs. We take care of book illustrations, tattoo art & design, freehand drawing, graphic design, and painting.


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What Does Freelance Really Mean for the Client? Submit your Idea Below


Invisible Ink offers the client the chance to hold the sky as the limit as they dream up various mediums of art. These dreams may be a painting of a sunset for mom or the sketch of that tattoo that they've been mulling over for nearly a decade. Maybe you're looking for the perfect black and white charcoal handdrawn illustration of a photograph or a book illustrator for a children's book you want published (we're a book publisher too, see PUFFY CLOUD PUBLISHERS). 

Using our freelance art subsidiary for your professional art needs means that you are in charge of all of the decisions. 

Your only limit is the following rules we abide by across our site in all subsidiary/Imprint Houses:  We don't work with anything of an explicit or offensive nature. This includes but may not be limited to anything sacrilegious, political, or anything above a G-rating. We do our best to keep this website and all of our products family-oriented.

Put our artistic abilities to the test. When you use our freelance art services, you have all of the freedom, of course. You tell us exactly what you want step-by-step or you can tell us a very vague idea and let us do the rest. You're in the driver's seat. 

You can even communicate with us freely through our NEW CHAT ROOM ON THIS SITE! Just send us an e-mail to make a chat room appointment. Leave us your name, e-mail, and 3 dates/times that work for you. We will e-mail you back with an appointment that works on our end, doing our best to accommodate you & then, it's simple - we just meet you in the chat room on the agreed-upon date & time! So, go ahead-  Try us out! 


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